TikTok will start appearing on more gas station screens through a new partnership with GSTV, a video network provider for fuel retailers, according to news shared with Marketing Dive. As part of the deal, GSTV’s creative studio, Ignite, will curate weekly TikTok segments that include QR codes that link back to the social media app and a #ISawItOnGSTV hashtag for sharing purposes. The curated 20-second videos will run alongside other GSTV creator content. GSTV reaches over 116 million unique monthly viewers across the U.S. For TikTok, the pact is another way to enshrine itself as a ubiquitous platform whose influence extends beyond the mobile screen. TikTok continues an expansion beyond its smartphone roots with the GSTV partnership. Along with potentially driving new downloads, the deal is indicative of how the ByteDance-owned platform wants to enshrine itself as an aspect of everyday living for consumers who are stepping out for errands or heading to work. These ambitions come as the app is again faced with the possibility of a U.S. ban over its links to China, which lawmakers paint as a national security concern. Some states have already started cracking down on the app, setting off potentially complicated legal battles. For GSTV, the pact will provide a steady feed of viral video content that has been shown to resonate with key demographics like Gen Z. TikTok’s presence could help the fuel station video network secure more advertising spend as brands look to reach people who have resumed work commutes and leisure travel in greater numbers amid the easing of pandemic restrictions. TikTok compilations cut together by Ignite join a GSTV programming slate of publishers including Maria Menounos, Cheddar News, Live  

“We’re thrilled to bring.

this partnership to our audience, entertaining them as they fuel up, and highlighting content and creators to discover,” said Violeta Ivezaj, senior vice president of business operations at GSTV, in a statement. “Furthermore, this is an exciting opportunity to offer our advertising partners, to create memorable moments with organic and creative content integrations optimized for consumers on the move.” A sample video provided to Marketing Dive opens with the TikTok and GSTV logos paired together before showing a selection of gymnastics clips drawn from creators on the app. The athletic feats share the screen with a QR code that features a “Scan Me” call to action, along with the #ISawItOnGSTV hashtag that is meant to generate more social awareness. Linking with GSTV builds on other moves to get TikTok in front of on-the-go consumers. In May, the company struck a similar partnership with airport TV network ReachTV. Around the same time, TikTok announced a deal with Screenvision, a seller of ads on movie theater screens. Mercedes-Benz earlier in the year also revealed that TikTok would be coming to its E-Class sedans’ infotainment systems, with a dual-screen viewing mode for both passengers and drivers.