SEO Packages for Small Business or Startup

If you are just starting your company, then you don’t need to get one of the pricier plans that are available, but rather you can pick one of our SEO packages for small business. Everyone knows that getting started can be hard, which is why we make sure that we help you with all of your needs. You can pick and choose which small business SEO plan you want based on the services that you need as well as your budget.

Get Affordable SEO Packages for Small Business within Budget

If you need any of these services, then the plans that we have available would work for you. Let us know what you need and we will be able to recommend the right one for you that would fit within your budget. We can do a full analysis of your website and help you with finding the right keywords as well as optimizing in different areas. If you have issues with ranking, then let us look at your website so we can give you an initial report with all of our findings and suggestions. We have a large array of SEO Packages for Small Businesses that you can use, so why not determine what services you need and let us help you find the right one?


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There are plenty of services that we can help you with when you buy one of our affordable small business SEO packages, including:

  1. Analysis of the keywords
  2. Initial report for ranking
  3. Meta tags and title optimization
  4. Content optimization
  5. Optimization of ALT tags
  6. Optimization of the heading tags
  7. Local business citations and directories
  8. Monthly reports for ranking on search engines
  9. Reports for SEO activity
  10. Customer support via email

You should make sure that you are choosing the best SEO Packages for small business and we have a wide array of services that we can offer you. Make sure that you know what they are, including:

Analysis of the Keywords

We can take a look at your current keywords or do a complete analysis and help you to find the best ones for you. We will also see which ones are helping you to rank the highest and find some of the top long tail keywords that you can use in your content so that you get more organic traffic.

Initial Report for Ranking

When you first hire us we will make sure that we do a complete analysis of your website and the current ranking. This report would give you all of the vital information that you need so that you can compare your subsequent rankings to it and see how far your business and your website have improved over time with our help.

Meta Tags and Title Optimization

Another area where we can assist you is by optimizing your meta tags as well as your titles. We can suggest some great changes for your titles and the meta tags that would help Google to find your page easier and to make it faster for the clients to see what your page is about. This is very important to achieve the highest ranking possible, so let us help.

Content Optimization

If you want to reach your customers in the best manner, then we can help you by optimizing the content that you are creating. This can be done by adding some of your keywords into the content and then adding the necessary and vital title and meta tags descriptions as well as all relevant links. This will make it easier for visitors to read and find your content.

Optimization of ALT tags

You want to ensure that you are using ALT tags and if you don’t know what these are, then let us take care of this for you. We will make sure that these are full of information rich and keyword based content that is based on the information given. This is going to help your reader know what your page is about, so allow us to assist you.

Optimization of the Heading Tags

If you want to reach the highest goal in the search engines, then you need to allow us to help you with optimizing the heading tags. We will ensure that the tags that are used are relevant to the content that is being posted and that the clients can use it to understand the page. These are used within the content so that your headings and subheadings can be easily identified.

Local Business Citations and Directories

For those who want to see an increase in local business and clients, then we can help you there. There are so many local business directories that we can add you in that will attract more clients coming into your business. This can be done by adding links or citations on various events that are upcoming and even by being included in the directories.

Monthly Report

If you want to know just how well your website is doing, then we will make sure to give you a monthly report. This would include all of the vital information regarding your website like the current ranking in the search engines and the most searched keywords. Let us keep you updated with this monthly report so you know what is happening.

Customer Support Via Email

These days the best way to get customer support or help from our team of experts is over email. We can offer you the best customer support in this way and we will respond as quickly as possible to help solve all of your issues. If you have any questions feel free to email us and we will have an answer for you.

We have created some seo packages for small business that are perfect for those on a small budget. We can help you with a huge variety of services that would let you get the most for what you are paying, including keyword analysis and much more. We also would give you monthly reports for all SEO activity as well as the rankings and any changes on the search engines. Let us help you get started when it comes to growing your company so that you can worry about the every day requirements instead.

NOTE: One Plan targets One Search Engine.