Google unveiled new artificial intelligence (AI) software tools today aimed at increasing demand and maximizing video campaigns, according to a company blog. Demand Gen is intended to more easily disseminate marketers’ best performing visual assets in ad campaigns across YouTube, YouTube Shorts, Discover and Gmail. Video Views campaigns leverage AI to increase viewership across in-stream, in-feed and YouTube Shorts. The developments come after Google said it would greatly expand its AI offerings. Preliminary testing for Video Views campaigns shows they average 40% more views compared to traditional skippable ads.Google’s AI push continues with two new AI-driven means for maximizing campaign performance, especially of video-based campaigns. Demand Gen and Video Views campaigns arrive a month after Google unveiled new updates to its AI chatbot Bard, equipping it with virtual search capabilities and third-party plug-ins. The fervent push into AI comes as Google prepares to phase out third-party cookies starting early next year, putting pressure on the digital behemoth to come up with alternative methods for marketers to target campaigns and support search marketing strategies. The new AI tools focus heavily on YouTube, which 87% of consumers say helps them make purchase decisions faster, according to research cited by the company. Samsung Germany tested Video View campaigns during the height of the holiday season and achieved a 94% incremental reach while simultaneously reducing CPMs, per the blog. Demand Gen features a new production flow, meant to make it easier to bring visual assets to Google Ads and preview how they will appear to the consumer. Research cited in the press release found that 91% of consumers took action after discovering a new product on Google feeds such as Gmail. Google also announced new AI-driven measurement tools. AI has quickly become top of mind for marketers as the technology expands in both availability and sophistication. Tech companies from Meta to Snap have invested heavily in AI, and agency holding companies including WPP and Publicis have begun making moves in the space. However, concerns around ethical use remain.