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Many SEO practices are similar for both mobile and desktop devices, but there are a number of differences. Mobile SEO is impacted by mobile device technology and user experience. Optimizing your mobile website will not only help you achieve better mobile search results, but it will also enable you to attract more clicks, drive more conversions and offer your website visitors an amazing user experience. Choose our best suited mobile SEO packages for your business.

It’s important to consider your website’s conversion rates and how you are going to improve them through SEO services, especially on mobile devices. Google tends to reward websites with strong engagement, because they want people to find exactly what they are looking for through their search engine. So increased engagement and conversion rates will definitely impact your company’s bottom line, even if your mobile SEO rankings remain the same. Connect with us for customized mobile SEO packages & Plans!

Why is Mobile SEO Required?

Mobile SEO best practices are crucial. They are similar to traditional SEO best practices but not quite the same. The main difference between mobile SEO and traditional SEO is the focus of the optimization effort. Mobile SEO packages to focus more on technical requirements that are less obvious and more difficult to test than the requirements for traditional SEO. A good mobile SEO strategy focuses on page rendering, URL rendering and mobile-focused markups.


  • URL rendering. URL rendering refers to the way that a URL actually looks in the address bar. URL rendering is a crucial part of any good mobile SEO strategy. Companies need to create and maintain their URL rendering rules through elements like sitemaps, canonical tags and internal links in order to succeed with this aspect of mobile SEO.
  • Page rendering. The programming language JavaScript is typically used to control and manage page rendering, but it is difficult to predict the effect that it will have on crawling and indexing. While Google says that it can crawl JavaScript and that it’s not a negative ranking factor, the programming language can certainly add complexity and limit the ability of the content to rank.
  • Mobile-focused markup. Mobile-focused markup refers to the schema, which means the code or microdata, that helps a mobile search engine discover a page. The schema includes any product ratings, reviews, addresses, recipes and product details. All of these elements make a page more relevant to mobile searches and make the page more likely to appear in page results.


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