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909 Holdings 4 Step Lead Generation Process

Acquiring Leads

The first step of any lead generation process is to find out where your potential clientele is on the web. Once this is identified, we are able to attract those clients using the appropriate channels and tools including Programmatic Advertising, Social Media, and Content Marketing techniques.


Nurturing Leads

Making your existing leads move through the sales funnel is an art. Once a potential client is in the loop, you have to continuously keep touching them using techniques such as email marketing. This is to retain their interest and when the time comes, they are ready to get on board.


Scoring Each Lead

The key is to develop a clear picture of who your lead is and how qualified they are to make a purchase by gradually profiling your leads over time. Moving leads through the lifecycle phases of the subscriber to lead, marketing, and sales qualified assists you in visualizing your sales funnel and segmenting leads for better communication targeting.

Evaluation of the Process of Lead Generation

Our lead generation process is continuously under scrutiny to ensure that it is as efficient as possible in attracting new leads, keeping them, converting them, and retaining those clients over time. We use Marketing Analytics to keep track of the objectives, making sure that certain benchmarks are being met.

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Here’s a services we can help you with:

We Listen, We Understand, We Strategize before suggesting the best marketing strategy for you.


Lead nurturing is the process of forming a long lasting relationship with your potential client with the aim of earning their business when they are ready to buy in the future. A consistent and relevant communication done by both sales and marketing teams plays an influential role while your leads are about to make a final decision.

Nurtured leads have a significantly shorter sales cycle, meaning they become your customers way quickly than an average prospect. With the growing competition, trust plays a pivotal role in the buying decision of our prospects. Lead nurturing helps build this trust in a strategic way guiding these leads down the sales funnel.


Understanding the Prospects

Personalized Campaigns

Continuous Process

Lead Generation

We at 909Holdings provide Lead Generation services for various industries. Lead Generation can help you reach out to new prospects who will surely be interested in the products and services you have to offer. With our Multi channel approach, we acquire new prospects through various channels such as emails, calls and even social media platforms. This helps the prospect gain a deep understanding of your company and services which in turn makes it easier to convert them to a customer.

By launching different marketing campaigns, we make sure that the prospect is well aware of the products or services your company has to offer. We keep our clients updated through every step of the process using customized reports for them to easily keep a track of the leads generated.

Based on your company and your goals, we design customized marketing campaigns for a successful result.


Briefing & confirmation

Planning & Execution

Campaign Summary

Lead Verification

Why is Lead Verification an important process? It helps us understand the quality and conversion possibility of leads before actually trying to convert them to a customer. It helps us find dead-end leads, discard them and direct your focus on the best quality leads. Our team uses various verification processes to understand the quality of your leads and only delivers the best and genuine leads to you.

To pursue a prospect and make sure to convert them to your customers, it is important to know if they are interested in your company’s products and services, and the only way to know that is with superior lead verification services.


We examine each and every lead through various levels and processes to make sure every lead is properly checked for inaccuracies

We verify contact numbers, email addresses, company address and other fundamentals as part of our examination process

To be sure of the results, we implement a two-step verification process which is conducted over phone calls and emails

Explore the Best Way to reach out the Right Customers at the Right Time and Right Place!

909Holdings offers you affordable Lead Generation Services in Mumbai, Pune, Delhi and Bangalore for B2B and B2C businesses. Lead generation is one of the most important functions of a 360 Degree Digital Marketing Services in India as it can get you closer to your customer, based on the inquiries or requirements of the customers. We provide you with an optimized pay per lead service to your business to grow to the next level using strategies like paid promotions, organic optimization of the website or web page etc.

Functionality for Online Lead Generation Services in India

Lead generation is the first step to the ladder of bringing customers to your business and which is why, it is given utmost importance. The Digital team creates social media campaigns for generating leads and the Sales team converts them by Customer Relationship Management. We have in-house robust and user-friendly solution for CRM- Ekatm CRM. Mindwave Media have been consistently providing high conversion B2C B2B lead generation services in Mumbai, Pune, Delhi and Bangalore etc.

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Our Lead Generation Philosophy



Our online Lead generation company promises to reduce the burden on your sales team by encompassing all tasks of generating hot, authenticated leads for your business. Our skilled sales/ customer relationship team members will be answerable for carrying out all your sales activities.


Our Lead Generation agency helps you to engage your customers through fool-proof digital marketing methods such as paid ads, social media and content marketing and bring them directly to your business in real-time.


With 7+ years of experience in lead generation, we monitor end-to-end customer sales cycle, from unique advertising sources and content placements. Our experience, knowledge and lead scoring ensures that we create qualified, cost-effective and reliable lead supply for your growing business.



We approach every customer to work on a long-term basis, and we enforce lead quality feedback from you for a successful lead generation campaign. If you are able to convert then, you’re not buying more leads. Our Lead Generation services India assist you to assure the sales results are what you’ve looked for – so let’s grow together!

Our Vision & Mission

909Holdings is a Lead Generation Company in Globe. We do so by providing Google Ads Management, SEO Services, Social Media Marketing & other Advertising Services to small & medium-sized companies. Our Search Marketing strategies have helped our clients.


“Our vision is to provide the best possible service and results to our clients whilst growing and maintaining our reputation as the most highly regarded online marketing firm in UAE. “


Our results speak for themselves. Our clients got more traffic, higher-quality leads, and greater profits, every day. 909 Holdings Core purpose: Optimize marketing results for businesses of all sizes. We try to focus on our vision mission statement.

Benefits of Lead Generation Services





Increase Brand Awareness

High Customer




Reach Large No of Customers

Increase Repeat Customers



Better customer engagement





Minimize Paid


No.of leads generated

No.of clients served

Types of Industries served

Years of experience


909 Holdings helped us generate slightly under $1M in 12 months, thanks to quality leads and appointments with highly qualified prospects.

Forget about overpriced lead gen. advertising

Traditional advertising methods are very effective, but also highly-competitive and therefore expensive. We have built a system that relies on enterprise-level processes that will help you reach your sales targets every single month.




Financial Services

Professional Services


Computer Software

Media & Design

Retail & E-Commerce


IT & Cyber-Security

Cost-effective reach

with no advertising budget needed


Meaningful conversations

with verified and approved leads

Scalable results

with data-driven outreach

Ongoing team support

through a dedicated channel

Fresh Leads

Daily flow of fresh leads according to the requirement of your property

Higher Visibility

Beat competition upfront and get visibility in front of the potential customers


Retargeting people visiting your landing pages for better conversions

A dedicated team to fuel your sales growth

Get Started Now And Win Your Dream Clients

Outsource your prospecting and outreach to our team of experts with extensive experience in lead generation. Deliver verified, high-quality B2B leads to your sales team with no effort. is a full remote team of sales and marketing experts with a proven track record of delivering results in multiple industries.