What makes a good business or advertising blog? They bring you the current and relevant information in bite-sized, easy-to-digest articles. It’s information that keeps you on your toes, up to date, and improves your performance. You can see what the competition is up to.

Here is a compilation of ten entertaining and informative blogs. You can benefit from the actionable tips and content from today’s leaders of advertising and marketing.

Ad Age reports on the gamut of visual advertisements from stunning to shocking, such as in their recent “Shot with an AR-15” anti-gun violence campaign. This blog is the go-to global source for breaking news about advertising. With over 80 posts per week, they cover topics of interest for mid to enterprise-level creative companies. The blog contains seven sections covering every vertical in advertising.

Their book section is a valuable resource along with their annual “Small Agency of the Year” list. Don’t forget to register for their “Fact Pack,” a PDF loaded with infographic marketing facts that you can swipe for your content.

Ads of the Blog Ads of The World Example With Space Shuttle
More an advertising art gallery than a blog, Ads of the World is aptly named. You can scroll through thousands of ads from almost every nation and topic.

If you need visual inspiration for your next project, this site is your first stop. The website has four sections, Latest Ads, Top Ads, Collections, and Student Ads. Every section has separate groups. In the Collections section, for example, you’ll find groups titled, “Best April Fool’s Day Ads,” “Stylish and Social Seniors,” “Blog Power in Advertising,” “Great Minimalist Ads,” and many more.

There is no better way to get your creative agency juices flowing than by spending time here. You may want to set a timer because it’s hard to leave.

The covers everything about TV and video ads. You’ll get interviews and data straight from the industry leaders and, in the Creativity section, you’ll see some of the latest ads in print or online from around the world. With over 160 posts per week, it’s easy to stay informed, and it’s one of the most active blogs on our list

909 Holdings is a paid platform to manage social media marketing. However, the blog is free. It may look like it’s geared toward small entrepreneurial businesses, but if you use social media at any level in your business, these articles will help you leverage it.

If there is anything new about any social media channel, or how to tap its potential, you’ll find it here.

909 Holdings is first and foremost a CRM system. However, their blog is an incredible source of information about marketing, sales, and customer relationships. In fact, they segment their blog into those three topics.

They have a free resource library from Advertising to Web Design. One nice feature is that every blog post comes with average reading time, so you know if you have time to read just one more before the train reaches your station.

The one must-have for marketers is their annual State of Inbound Marketing Report. The overall content of the blog is for inbound marketing but, you’ll find current data and trends you can use in other advertising verticals.

If you work in web development, SEO, online sales, or derive any part of your income from the internet, then the  blog is one you need in your toolbox. You’ll only get a post about once a month so that you won’t become inundated with posts.

The blog contains a lot of video content in each of seven categories. They are Video, Entertainment, Culture, Tech, Science, Business, and Social Good. It’s a smorgasbord to please every palate.

Each category is a vortex of interesting articles and videos which is hard to escape. You can get sucked in for hours searching contents of thousands of posts dating back to about 2020.