User Experience Analysis of Website

User experience is very important when it comes to making a bond with the users. It can either make or break the success of your brand. A great user experience indicates happier visitors and hence more conversions. At Riseup Holdings, we help you understand how visitors use your website, suggesting changes where required through a comprehensive UX report and enhancing overall user experience to drive growth. When you sign up for website analysis, what you’re doing is:

  • Being all ears to the customer’s opinions about your website and doing what it takes to improve their experience accordingly.
  • Encouraging purchase by minimizing confusion during navigation and facilitating the checkout process
  • Including a team of website conversions experts to provide you tools to enhance your website further

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A user experience report basically lets you see your website from a visitor’s perspective, indicating what you can improve to make your website perform better.

Can making a navigation menu intuitive help you convert more users? Can the position of a search bar impact whether users end up buying from you? This is what a user experience analysis report will tell you. And who doesn’t want more leads and a better conversion rate?

User experience analysis services and pricing

Features Basic Standard Plan Premium
Implementation of recommendations 6 hours per quarter 12 hours per quarter 18 hours per quarter
Dedicated UX project manager
Setup of website heatmaps
Setup of visitor click tracking recording
Setup of visitor website questionnaire (on website)
Analysis of website heatmap data
Analysis of website visitors
Page scroll reporting
Page load time reporting
Executive summary on conversion maximization
Top page bounce report with recommendations
Top navigational funnel with visitor bounce recommendations
Raw heatmap data provided
Reporting on visitor focus group findings
Creation of visitor “script” for testing
Usability questionnaire for independent testers (unique testers per questionnaire)
“5 second test” on top landing pages
Creation of timed task test questionnaire (unique testers per questionnaire)
Product perception questionnaire (unique testers per questionnaire)
Web forms analytics and reporting
Personalized Website Content
Video of website user experience provided
Usability questionnaire for existing stakeholders (unique testers per questionnaire)
Implementation of recommendations based on business seasons
Creation of persona maps and customer journeys
Executive report on questionnaire feedback
Monthly user experience reporting Quarterly
200+ SMEs behind campaign driving results
User Experience Testing & Implementation Investment $340 per month $680 per month $1020 per month



  • 100+ Marketing experts
  • Round the clock support and guidance
  • proficiency in digital marketing

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