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Since the very beginning of the Internet, all the website owners in NYC have dreamt of being on the top of the search engine rankings by hiring SEO professionals. Initially, it was all about shoving some keywords to your content – irrespective of the fact that whether they were relevant or not.

To no surprise, that strategy worked, simply because earlier it was easier to fool Google. But now that the search engines have highly developed algorithms, things are much different & difficult at the same time. This makes SEO even more crucial & one of the most important tools in any company’s marketing efforts. So, if you’re willing to take your website on a top search engine results, you should include SEO in your marketing process.

But first, let’s understand what is SEO.

What is SEO Exactly

SEO stands for ‘Search Engine Optimization’. In the layman’s language, it the process of driving free traffic to the website from the well known the “organic” or “natural” or “editorial” search results of any search engine.

So, SEO is the process of improving the amount as well as the quality of visitors any website receives, by enhancing the rankings in the algorithmic search engine results. According to the research, any website on the first page of Google receives about 95% of the total clicks. Moreover, the results which appear higher in the results also get an increased click through rate (CTR) as well, along with the increased traffic.

SEO concentrates on growing the rankings in the organic/non paid search results. If you own a website and you desire to get more increased traffic, then by any means, SEO should be an integral part of your marketing efforts.

Well, here’s what some of the experts have to say about SEO.

“SEO is the process of getting content to be crawled, indexed and ranked well in Google and other search engines.”

 Barry Schwartz, CEO RustyBrick

“SEO is the act of optimizing information for increased visibility on search engines.
This isn’t specific to a type of search engine, type of content, or even a website. If someone needs to find information online and someone else wants to appear for that search then SEO is the act of helping the content creator reach the searcher.
Along the way, SEO touches on lots of other disciplines, but this is the simplest explanation. We identify what someone is looking for and work to appear for that query.”

– Rhea Drysdale Outspoken Media

“SEO is the process of helping search engines find the content on your website that best matches the intent of a user’s query.”

 Eli Schwartz, Director of SEO & Growth SurveyMonkey


Factors Influencing your SEO

Well, all the rankings of all kind of search results are circumscribed by Google’s algorithm. Now Google’s Algorithm is still a secret but after years of working experience in SE, people have gained an insight into the workings of SEO. The algorithm can be divided into two main categories:

On-page SEO factors: On-page SEO plays a vital role when it comes to improving or ruining the ranking of your website. On-page SEO determinants are all those things you can change from within your actual website. For example, some of the technical aspects of the website such as the quality of your code and site speed heavily affect the search engine ranking. Then the content-related aspects are equally important such as the structure of your website or the quality of the copy on your website.

Off-page SEO factors: Besides all the on-page SEO factors you can learn about, there are several off-page SEO factors as well. They comprise of links from other websites, social media recognition, and additional marketing activities outside your website. In most of the cases, these off-page SEO factors can be fairly hard to influence.


Trivial SEO stats you need to know

  1. 39% of all global ecommerce comes directly from search
  2. 93% of all online activities begin with a search engine
  3. 67k searches are conducted on Google every second
  4. Almost 80% of users neglect paid ads in search results
  5. 50% of total searches will only be voice searches by 2020
  6. 58% of searches take place via mobile phones
  7. 97% of page-one results have at least one image on the page
  8. 46% of all the searches take place on Google searches are local



Trivial SEO stats you need to know

  1. 39% of all global ecommerce comes directly from search
  2. 93% of all online activities begin with a search engine
  3. 67k searches are conducted on Google every second
  4. Almost 80% of users neglect paid ads in search results
  5. 50% of total searches will only be voice searches by 2020
  6. 58% of searches take place via mobile phones
  7. 97% of page-one results have at least one image on the page
  8. 46% of all the searches take place on Google searches are local


SEO Services Our Experts Provide

Local SEO Services

Well, the local SEO services are one of the most crucial steps you can take to target your local market. The Local SEO makes sure that your customers are able to find you locally or you stay on always on top of the results when your customers are around you.

It is a hand-crafted strategy for local businesses who are actively looking for ways to reach more & more customers by enhancing their local visibility. Wondering how that works? Well, here is the list of all the local SEO services we provide to boost your online rankings:


Google My Business is the hallmark of local searches simply because it contains all key information of businesses. So whenever anyone does a quick search related to your business, the vital information (NAP – Name, Address & Phone Number) related to your business gets displayed there.


People don’t forget to take a glance at reviews before visiting local businesses, which is why it is very crucial to keep your reviews updated all the time. Also, responding to sorts of questions and comments will more people to visit your business. Which is why it’s essential that you reply to all reviews in order to show customers you take their needs seriously – and we do it for you in the most impact way possible.


Along with claiming your Google My Business listing, building your local citation is a good way to improve your search engine ranking. Citation basically contains information like the name of your company, the address, phone number, timings & the website etc. With the righteous citation building, you can earn local listings on various sites apart Google, like Facebook, Apple Maps and more.


In order to rank at the top of local search results, we will help you target the top relevant local keywords on your website, and in your site content as well. The sole purpose of targeting keywords is to make your business appear in the local searches so that more and more people can find you.

On-Page SEO Services

We’ve already discussed what On-Page SEO is – the act of optimizing your web pages to help them rank as high as in the search engine results. The best thing about On-Page SEO is that it focuses on all the things on your website which you can control & it pushes you to improve them.

So what are the things related to On-Page SEO we can help you with? Well. here they are:


The only reason why any user visits your web page is that they believe you have some information which is looking for. That information is the content of your page & that’s why it is very crucial that your content matches the search intent of that user And that’s why we do – we help you optimize the content on your page in the best way possible.


Meta tags are the tags which provide the search engine about more information about your page. The basic function of the meta tags is that they help your page rank for the right & relevant keywords.


A title is the first thing users see when they find your page – hence it should be as accurate & relevant as possible. This is because the title of your page is something that determines if the visitor will click on your page or not. Your title tag should fit within the limit to guarantee that it displays correctly. Also, you don’t want to have a long title that trails off.

    • URLS

Google prefers shorter URLs simply because they are more comfortable to crawl and understand. It’s best to build simple URLs that are clean and easy to read. We help you keep your URLs transparent and short. It will help Google them better, which will make it for them to rank your page.

Off-Page SEO Services

Unlike the On-Page SEO, the Off-Page SEO refers to all the promotional activities you do, outside the boundaries of your website. Off-Page SEO really really helps with improving the position of your website in the search engine results page rankings.

The key aspects of the Off-Page SEO are:


Building links is one of the most effective & popular means to increase your website’s authority & relevance over the internet. In the simplest of words, by building likes for your website, we try to gather as many ‘Votes’ as possible, so that you can outrank your competitors by gaining the higher rank. We try to build as many quality & relevant links as possible for your website & web pages.


If you ponder upon it, you’ll learn that social media is also a form of a link to your website. Although they are the ‘NoFollow” links, that doesn’t mean they are useless or they do not hold any form of value. The righteous optimization of Social Media can boost the SEO process like anything as, solely because social media is gaining a reputation as a good ranking factor.


It’s 2019 and today social bookmarking is not as popular as any other form of Off-Page SEO optimization, but trust us, it is still one of the most effective ways to drive free traffic to your website.

How We Do It

Our SEO process is especially tailored with one single goal – giving your website the success it deserves. It includes the following steps:

    1. Shaking Hands and Getting To Know Each Other

Search Engine Optimization is not sorcery, and it’s never clunky as well — it’s an insightful strategic search engine based on best practices possible. So to start with, we initiate our process by gathering information about your business, your online presence, and your ideal customer. A detailed, systematic website review customized for you later on.

    1. Designing Your Customer SEO Strategy

A keyword analysis is a method search engine optimization (SEO) specialist who uses to identify and analyze the search terms in which people enter into search engines for their queries. Professional research keywords for search engine optimization, which they use to achieve better results in search engines.

After understanding your business, our consultants make every effort to recognize your goals, products, and production processes. We will also scrutinize your niche search data and find the best keywords around which we can focus on the campaign. We’ll also make sure that we’ve picked keywords with the least number of competitors.

    1. Keyword Research

In order to make an SEO Plan work, it is necessary for your website to satisfy some specified technical standards. Our experts can examine the layout of your website. In case any amendments are required, our team of websites developers will help us doing so.

If you want us to create your website from scratch, our development team will guarantee that SEO is considered while redesigning the website.

And as far as the content is concerned, our content developers will also ensure that the content of your website is created considering the SEO strategy only. They will create keyword-inclusive content for your website optimization. We will also customize your Title and Meta tags as well as the definition of your website.

    1. Making Necessary Amendments To Your Website

We strongly acknowledge that optimizing off-page is just as important as optimizing On-Page SEO. Our team of experts will make sure that your off-page SEO optimization is all set and stong via link-building. When it comes to building links we don’t go for quantity, but for quality. We ensure that your website links are built to boost the ranking of your website.

If you wish to compete and prosper online, you need to recognize and execute high-quality campaigns because it is really important, and we do it for you!

    1. Link Building

Today, every Search engine admire freshly brewed content. Websites that provide fresh content on a regular basis are always ranked higher. Fresh and engaging web content for your website will be developed by our content developers.

    1. Content Updation & Reporting

If you don’t monitor your website, you can’t know where to improve. That is why we provide you regular reports for all your campaigns. We’ll sit down with you and figure out what is the best way to further improve the strategies we are currently implementing, to satisfy your business needs.

Pricing: How much SEO costs in 2019?

The SEO pricing varies from place to place, services to services – mainly depending on how long the SEO optimization is done is by the expert. So, broadly we can divide the pricing into three main categories:

  • Hourly Pricing
  • Monthly retainer pricing
  • Per-Project based pricing

1. Hourly Pricing

Well, on average, about 36.78% of SEO experts price some or all of their work on an hourly basis.

Presently in the US, $100-$150 per hour is the prevalent hourly rate for SEO. But out of all the experts out there, 50% of them charge about $75 and $200 per hour.

Now the comparison between the agencies & freelancers looks like this:

  • Agencies: $134.66/hour, on average.
  • Freelancers: $68/hour, on average.
  • Consultancies: $122.33/hour, on average.

2. Monthly Retainer Pricing

74.71% out of all the SEO Experts there charge a monthly retainer for some or at times, all of their work.

According to the study, the average per month rate is $501-$1,000 for SEO, with about 23.08% of people out there charging this rate. Well, not to our surprise, there are certain experts who charge a hefty fee of $501 and $2,000 per month as well.

Overall we can say that about 75.77% of SEO experts usually charge $2000 per month or less, the remaining (24.23%) charge more than $2000 per month.

Now here’s how the comparison between the agencies & freelancers looks like in this case:

  • Agencies: $2,819.87/month, on average.
  • Freelancers: $1,364/month, on average.
  • Consultancies: $1,906.48/month, on average.

3. Per-Project Based Pricing

43.39% of all the SEO Experts charge a per‐project fee for all or some of their work.

We determined that $501-$1,000 is the most widespread per‐project fee, with about 25.17% of the experts charging this rate. 52.32% of them ask for $1,001 or more.


In the broader picture, about 69.54% charge $2,000 or less, and only 30.46% charge the heavy fee of $2,001+ per project.

The comparison:

  • Agencies: $5,222.05/project, on average.
  • Freelancers: $4,481.95/project, on average.
  • Consultancies: $1,530.85/project on average.

Our SEO Services Packages


  • Up to 80 keyphrases optimized
  • Web server and on-page analysis/reporting
  • 3 content, outreach, UX or CRO assets

$750 /mo

$3,000-$4,000 investment


  • Up to 100 keyphrases optimized
  • Up to 15 pages of SEO copy
  • Ongoing quarterly keyword reporting

$1,200 /mo

$4,500-$5,000 investment


  • Up to 250 keyphrases optimized
  • 5 content outreach, UX or CRO assets
  • Monthly earned media content assets

$2,000 /mo



  • 100+ Marketing experts
  • Round the clock support and guidance
  • proficiency in digital marketing

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