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Intelligent Ad placements bring in the maximum audience. They help generate more clicks on your ads, bringing more people on your website, eventually leading to greater revenue generation for your business. Plans starting from $300/month.



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Online Media Purchasing

With so many different screens that people interact with on a daily basis, there are so many options for advertising a business. To be effective, you need to create the right media plan at the right time. We offer:

  • A media plan that keeps your marketing objective at the top and connect potential customers to your website
  • An enormous directory of online ad space, to make sure your target audience views ads at places where they spend most of their time
  • Execution by online media specialists for the best return-on-investment

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Know About Our Online Media Purchasing Rates

At 909Holdings, we are transparent with our pricing and packages and offer cost-effective online media buying campaigns created exclusively for your business.

Digital Media Buying Services and Pricing Packages

Features Basic Plan Standard Plan Premium Enterprise
Monthly online media spend Up to $2,100 $2,100 to $4,250 $4,250+ Custom Custom
Initial campaign development & strategy Custom
Demographic Targeting Custom
Geo-location Custom
Age range Custom
Gender Custom
Interest Custom
Education level Custom
Related website interests Custom
Keyword based targeting Custom
Mobile device targeting Custom
Mobile carrier targeting Custom
Product based Custom
Day(s) of week Custom
Hour(s) of day Custom
B2B targeting – Position(s)/Title(s)   Custom
B2B targeting – Industry (Company)   Custom
B2B targeting – Company(ies)   Custom
B2B targeting – Company sizes   Custom
B2B targeting – Company location (State)   Custom
Web media flight schedule Custom
Brand positioning research & insights Custom
Network research and price negotiations Custom
Impression based targeting (if desired) Custom
Google analytics integration & goal tracking Custom
Results analysis/reporting Custom
Strategic bid management Custom
Ad rotation for conversion Custom
Dedicated account representative   Custom
Up to two personal consultations per month Custom
Banner Design Custom
200+ SMEs behind campaign driving results
468×60 JPG JPG & Gif JPG, Gif & Flash Custom
728×90 JPG JPG & Gif JPG, Gif & Flash Custom
250×250 JPG JPG & Gif JPG, Gif & Flash Custom
200×200 JPG JPG & Gif JPG, Gif & Flash Custom
336×280 JPG JPG & Gif JPG, Gif & Flash Custom
300×250 JPG JPG & Gif JPG, Gif & Flash Custom
120×600 JPG JPG & Gif JPG, Gif & Flash Custom
160×600 JPG JPG & Gif JPG, Gif & Flash Custom
Remarketing strategy & implementation   Custom
Setup of “micro” conversions   Custom
Setup and management of conversion funnel   Custom
Campaign conversion management   Custom
Video ads   Custom
International campaign implmentation     Custom
Language targeting     Custom
Landing Page design & implementation Custom
Website conversion analysis reporting     Custom
Website conversion analysis implementation     By Quote Custom
Multivariant testing on landing page By Quote Custom
Multivariant testing ecommerce store & checkout/cart process By Quote Custom
Monthly performance & analysis reporting Custom
Ad exchange – Automated bidding Custom
One time setup (1st month): $1,300 $2,100 $3,000 Get Quote
Progressive monthly management $300 14% of monthly budget 12% of monthly budget Get Quote

Establishing the Target Audience for Your Online Media Purchasing Campaign

We understand that identifying who your customers are, where to catch them, and finding the best ways to communicate with them are important to achieve your marketing objectives. And that’s why we help you define your target market by categorizing on the basis of various demographic factors like age, gender, education, location, etc. Here’s how we are able to do it:


We target audiences that will be interested in your products and services and be loyal to your brand for years to come.


We refine targeting based on consumer behavior, psychographics, interests and lifestyle by evaluating which sites they visit and what they look for online.


We position ads according to the target customers’ geographical location and release them at identified timeframes, in order to get maximum impressions. Execution with precision is the key.

Network Research for Online Media Buying

Where should you place your ads? This is an important aspect to consider while buying ads online and with so many options, there’s a high chance of choosing platforms with greater investment and lesser returns. When you signup with Riseup, we ensure that we place your ads on sites frequented by your customers. We also consider the costs involved in each placement opportunity, so that you get the best deal.

In short, we provide smarter and more informed placement decisions to you for maximum visibility and ROI.


The process of online media buying involves research, planning and buying. Once research is over, the appropriate strategy needs to be formulated, which will revolve around the available network’s audience, available ad space, the number of visitors and the audience’s preferences. The key elements of the strategy are:


For the best conversions through online media, you need advertising designs that align with the customers’ taste, their Internet use and buying habits, and compel them to ‘click through’. Our experienced team of designers creates advertisement designs that are consistent with your branding, attract attention and generate high engagement.


Scheduling advertisements at the right time, keeping in mind the target audience’s habits and preferences is another important step in creating a results-driven strategy. We help you break down this schedule into specific days of the week and even particular hours of the day, according to your brand’s marketing objectives.


Often, customers show interest in your products or services, spend considerable time on your website and then disappear. This type of users is low hanging fruit and can easily be converted by regenerating interest through online media buying campaigns. We help you create remarketing strategies to reach out to previous visitors who didn’t end up converting.


We continually review the campaigns, optimize wherever required and revisit the strategy based on the recorded metrics. This helps us to stay on top of the game always, and generate maximum returns every single time, for all our clients.

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