Digital Recruitment Marketing Services

Digital recruitment marketing services are the best solution to recruit the most eligible candidates for your vacancies. Since digital platforms are becoming increasingly helpful in finding various jobs, most of the candidates rely on digital platforms to explore job options relevant to their qualifications. Riseup Holdings helps you list the jobs and designs a suitable strategy to help you in listing the jobs and shaping online recruitment campaign in order to hire the best candidates.

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Digital recruitment resources to engage right candidates

It is important to choose the right applicants so as to hire the right employees. 909Holdings provides you with the access to a combination of PPC , social media marketing and content marketing campaigns which helps you find the perfect candidate. Your job listings are crafted in such a way that appeals and attracts the right target employees and helps them to reach you easily for the employment outreach services.


909Holdings Digital Employment Marketing Pricing

Digital Recruitment Marketing PRICING

Monthly Recruiting Ad Spend Up to $850 $850 – $2100 $2100 – $4250 $4250+
Custom Employment Landing Page Design
Custom Graphics For Employment Page
Number of Job Listings Written 5 10 15+ Custom
Employment Page Optimized For Search
Initial Keyword Research
Google Analytics Setup
Google Analytics Conversion Tracking
Google Analytics Custom Dashboards
Google PPC Management
Facebook PPC Management (Sponsored, Targeted Updates) Management
LinkedIn Jobs Sponsored Updates
LinkedIn Job Listing Management
Indeed PPC Management
Conversion Rate Optimization on Employment Page
Ad campaign copywriting
Ad copy performance testing
Ongoing keyword development and tweaking
Results analysis/reporting
Dedicated account representative
Free $85 AdWords credit to new clients
15% discount on Indeed advertising spend
200+ SMEs behind campaign driving results
One time setup (1st month): $1,300 $2,550 $3,400 Custom
Progressive monthly management: $400 $700 $850 20% of ad spend

Importance of recruiting Marketing Services

There is a similarity between searching for an ideal job and searching for a product or service — before you buy (or apply), you wish to be informed about everything. You wish to understand the business,advantages, location and the brand as a whole before you commit or be interested in.

Recruitment marketing allows you to publicise your job openings by putting forward the best of your assets informing your brand and potential employees. Ultimately the goal is to provide the seat to the best candidate.

Now it’s important to note why is it required to represent the job openings in an exciting way. It is because of the fact that it largely affects the future success of the company.


Scenario 1: Negligible digital recruitment marketing

You need to hire a graphic designer for your marketing firm. You post the minimum requirements essential in the information about the position and brand without the digital recruitment marketing strategies.

You have provided the qualifications required and daily responsibilities that need to be held by the employees along with the little perks offered to them by the brand or the company.

Consider two applications in the time of two weeks in your hands. Both the candidates are qualified for the job but you do not see the zest in them for the job.You do understand the need of a graphic designer for the brand and thus you come to the conclusion of choosing the best-fit candidate for the job.

After two months of the hiring process you realise that they might not be the correct choice for the job. They do not seem to adjust with the working environment of your company , nor do they share the same level of excitement you and your co workers share.

Even though they are qualified they were not the perfect choice but your company needed a graphic designer and there were only two applicants to select from.


Certainly there is an issue as even after waiting for weeks there were only two applicants to choose from. This restricts the scope of comparison and doesn’t allow you to be choosy enough for the position. You always should be choosy enough in hiring a new member for the existing working team.

Next issue we face is with the candidate who is hired. He or she does not fit in the environment of the company and that becomes a big problem. As a result even if the team does great work , they are not able to bring out the best to the table for the company. You realise you could have hired a better member for the team.

The team suffers.

Scenario 2: With digital recruitment marketing

You’re still filling the same position for a graphic designer at your marketing firm. With digital recruitment marketing services, you’re able to provide a lot of information about the position and brand. The information is circulated around the Internet so as to attract to the largest section of potential applicants.

In this case you not only provide the basic qualifications but also the requirements like a Bachelor’s Degree and a GPA of 3.8 and also provide characteristics that they should bring to the interview session. You make sure it is well established that the perfect candidate should have a positive attitude and a passion for the work.

You also mention the daily responsibilities, but you word them in a way that excites applicants. You add on to the selection criterion “providing positivity and happiness to the team,” as a responsibility. With this the applicants understand that this is a required personality trait for this job, and that it’ll probably be required to be successful in the position.

You mention the perks associated to working with your brand which excites the applicants to take the process seriously. A statistic is provided that shows that your company provides better benefits than any other in your industry. More excitement!

When you provide your brand description, you provide information about the headquarters , kind of work you do, the industries you serve, the results you’ve driven, and the culture you promote.

Digital recruitment is also largely about optimizing your listings to reach qualified candidates where they’re looking online, so you also post your job listings to social media and optimize them with important keywords.

After waiting for a few weeks and sharing the open position on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, you have 49 applicants. They’re all qualified and at least 76 percent have a passion for their work, seen by the enthusiasm in their responses. The only issue needed to tackle now is a large pool pool of applicants on time.

After going through resumes, you’re confident that you’ve hired the best option for the company.

Two months after hiring the candidate, you realize that they’re truly the perfect fit. They share the same passion for the job that your team shares, and they bring positivity to the workplace.


There are actually none. With digital recruitment marketing there was a huge influx of qualified applicants and you got the chance to be choosy. And you got to select the one one who was most suitable for the job in all aspects.

Your brand becomes better in terms of quality of the product and the environment as well.


Without recruitment marketing, you possess the risk of hiring someone who is unfit for the job, doesn’t fit your workplace culture, or doesn’t bring much to the table in terms of personality.

In order to hire the perfect candidate, you need a recruitment marketing campaign to ensure that you’re advertising the job position correctly and appealing to the candidates that you truly want to hire.

A digital recruitment campaign allows you to publicise the open position easily, as you share it on social media platforms.

If you don’t hire the correct person for the job, it could put strain on the team, result in a lack of work or cause the company to lose money by training them and then ultimately firing them.

The best way to make sure that your brand stays exactly the way it was built in terms of culture and qualifications is to hire candidates that fit the organisation.

And the only way to hire candidates that fit the organisation is to recruit them in the right way with digital recruitment marketing.

Which digital recruitment marketing techniques do you require to engage the right candidates?

At Riseup Holdings, we provide four different digital recruitment packages offering different strategies based on your business, how far you’re looking to reach with your marketing, and more.

Few of the services that we offer:


Monthly recruiting ads are one of the best tools to expand the audience beyond a third-party recruiting site. Even if the sites are successful the reach of the campaign shall be maximised recruiting ads shall prove to be useful and effective.

We offer four different tiers for monthly recruiting ads with different price points for how much you spend on ads on a monthly basis.


The open job positions are similar to how you market the products and services with custom landing pages. Providing custom employment landing pages for those who click on the positions that have been listed and it gives a customized experience and attracts interested applicants more efficiently.


To optimize your job positions, it’s important to do keyword research. For the same reason initial keyword research service included in every one of our digital recruitment marketing packages.

It’s important because it allows you to target your most qualified pools of applicants with the keywords that they search to find jobs.





screenshot of google analytics interface




Google Analytics is one of the best tools to keep the track of any marketing campaign. It allows you to keep track of the things like traffic, goal completions and conversions.

Each package includes the setup of Google Analytics, Google Analytics conversion tracking, and custom dashboards on the platform.

It allows us to ensure that your job positions are performing effectively and it helps us to figure out what we need to tweak in the campaign.


Pay per click advertising is one of the best ways to ensure that your job postings get the traction they need to appeal applicants. Each of our package includes Google PPC management as well as sponsored and targeted Facebook PPC Management.


When you work with 909Holdings, even if the size of your campaign is not large enough, you’ll receive a dedicated account representative that’s with you through the entire process of your campaign. They’ll be able to answer the questions and provide insight into your campaign success.

The winning combination of digital recruitment marketing services, really helps you achieve more high-quality applicants to the jobs that you’re looking to fill within your company.

How does 909Holdings fabricate the premier digital recruitment marketing campaign for you?

909Holdings is best known for being one of the best Internet marketing agencies in the world. This is how we do it here.


As the first step it is very necessary to do the required research and find out the correct audience for your product or the service. We’ll get all sorts of information from you about your business so that we have the best idea possible of who we’re marketing your jobs to. We analyse the demographic, the interest and more to learn exactly how to craft your job listings so that they resonate with the correct audience.


Sharing the job postings on third-party recruitment sites like Indeed and GlassDoor can be extremely influencing. However, it might not provide you with the best results .The most traction will come by posting it on various other platforms as well.

Social media is an ideal place to share your job listings because they can reach a large amount of people in a short amount of time

We provide you with the best platforms which gives you the best chance to find high-quality employees.


Creating a job listing is mainly about providing important information and exciting potential applicants with the way you converse about each position.

We ensure that your copy is exciting and enticing for applicants so that they have a better chance of applying to the job and be sure to include the required qualifications since the beginning.


A campaign is all about analytics. Without analyzing the results, you’ll never know if you’re correctly marketing the job listings

That’s why 909Holdings measures, monitors, and analyzes the number of applicants you receive, the place of receiving and other key features to ensure that your recruitment marketing meets maximum success.

We’ll use our findings to tweak your campaign to make it more effective in the succeeding month.

Reasons to choose 909 Holdings for digital recruitment marketing services

There are a variety of digital marketing agencies out in the field, it can be difficult to choose one for your digital recruitment endeavors. That being said, 909Holdings has a good thing going — here’s why:

We’re home to over 200 marketing specialists in all areas of the industry including SEO, PPC, content marketing, social media etc. We take pride in ourselves for driving the best possible results for our clients..

While talking about clients, we have over 420 client testimonials that speak about the quality of our services. We work with tons of different industries providing them with custom marketing strategies that help them meet their own personal business goals.

We have expertise in creating the perfect job listings, optimizing and analyzing them thoroughly so that you get the best applicants possible to make your team even better.

And that’s just the beginning!



  • 100+ Marketing experts
  • Round the clock support and guidance
  • proficiency in digital marketing

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