Ecommerce Retargeting

A properly executed ecommerce retargeting strategy has a number of perks – from minimizing abandoned carts to maximizing the chances of your potential customers making a purchase via your website. With Riseup Holdings, you can get an extremely functional retargeting strategy for as low as $200/month, without burning a hole in your pocket. We understand your concern – which is why our plans are transparent too, so you know where your money is going.

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What is E-Commerce Retargeting?

In simple words – it is a method used by ecommerce companies to reach visitors who don’t promptly convert. This is because 96% of people will leave your website without making a purchase in general. So, it is retargeting which can help your business to connect with all those potential customers which left without making a purchase & encourage them to make one.

Also, e-commerce retargeting can help you to yield the most out of your marketing budget. Unlike other marketing gimmicks, it enables you to fully focus on those people who have actually shown interest in your brand. Once you do that, you can later use on various promotional offers & other CTAs to lure them to your website – and convert them.

Ecommerce Retargeting Service


Feature Pricing
Audience Targeting Strategy and Setup
Personalized Email Design and Creative
Ongoing Monthly Reporting, Campaign Management, and Optimization
One-Time Setup $1,700
Ongoing Management $190/month (waived if doing Standard or Premium PPC management)
200+ SMEs behind campaign driving results

Why Retargeting is important for your business?

Not one nor two but there are a number of ways how retargeting can help your ecommerce business. Each time any potential customer will see your ads – they’ll be reminded of the service or product they need & you offer it. Here are some of the benefits of Retargeting:

  1. You can remind people of all the products they added in their cart while browsing your website, but never check out. In fact, you can even extend them a discount code or free shipping coupon to lure them back to the website.
  2. You can market your seasonal products pretty well using the retargeting, during the off-season for future purchase. By capturing your audience using this method give you the ability to recapture them by reminding of your services
  3. Cross-selling your products is also a wonderful power which you get with retargeting. First, you sold them a great product, which now was an amazing accompanying product. So with retargeting, you’re able to pinpoint the prospect & offer them the new product, similar to the previous one. Or your new product could work in harmony with the previous one. Use retargeting, sell more.



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