Make your website accessible to people with disabilities

A 508 compliant website is one which is accessible by all people, including those with disabilities. When 20% of Americans face one or the other kind of disability, getting a 508 compliant website ensures that you do not ignore a section of your target market. We bring to you:

  • In-depth analysis of your website, ensuring it meets all the criteria of Section 508.
  • Website solutions for all sorts of organizations from government agencies and non-profit entities to businesses and the private sector.
  • Coverage of all the technical aspects of section 508 web design and implementation from skilled web experts.

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909Holdings is well versed with the 16 specific conditions that must be met according to the 508 compliance requirements and help you make websites accessible to everyone from your target market alike.

508 Website Compliance Services Pricing

Features Do It Yourself Implemented
Page by page analysis Reported Reported and Implemented
Web browser testing Included Included and Implemented
Copywriting for images Included Included and Implemented
Copywriting for meta tags Included Included and Implemented
Pages tested with screen reader Reported Reported and Implemented
HTML/CSS/JS audit Reported Reported and Implemented
Page load speed audit Reported Reported and Implemented
Detailed checklist for each page Reported Reported and Implemented
Copywriting for complex graphics Reported Reported and Implemented
Link/button audit Reported Reported and Implemented
Page background audit Reported Reported and Implemented
Color depreciation audit Reported Reported and Implemented
HTML table audit Reported Reported and Implemented
Web forms audit Reported Reported and Implemented
Flash or applet audit Reported Reported and Implemented
Video – transcription audit Reported Up to 1 hour included
Audio – transcription audit Reported Up to 1 hour included
Audits will be completed to meet WCAG 2.0 Level A Included Included and Implemented
Mobile pages audit (responsive only) Reported Reported and Implemented
Dedicated Project Manager
Executive final report summary
Detailed final project reporting
Initial – 25 web pages
Investment $4200 $6000
Each additional block of 10 pages $300 $550
Add on WCAG 2.0 Level AA standards 30% price increase
If your website is not responsive 25% price increase
200+ SMEs behind campaign driving results

Our 508 Compliant Website Design Services

For disabled individuals, improved web accessibility means a better user experience. This, in turn, will ensure that you do not lose out valuable customers who, due to any vision or mobility-related disability, are unable to fully access products and services online.

At Riseup Holdings, we are aware of how disabled people use online resources and websites and interact with information. This helps our qualified designers to design websites accordingly, making them 508 compliant, for different types of organizations.

There are two ways by which you can create 508 compliant websites with us – one in which we analyze your website for meeting the criteria set under 508 compliance first and then make the required changes. Under the second model, we audit your website and create a full report with suggestions for 508 compliance, which you can implement on your own. Throughout the process, we act as a consultant and provide inputs wherever needed.

Information on 508 and ADA Compliant Website Design Services

We also provide copywriting services for images and meta tags when you opt for 508 compliance implementation on your own. This ensures that screen readers are able to read images and your web content is understood by the target audience.


Section 508 – an amendment to the United States Workforce Rehabilitation Act of 1973, is a federal law mandating that all electronic and information technology developed, procured, maintained, or used by the federal government should be accessible to people with disabilities. The amendment states that a website is ‘fully accessible’ when it can be accessed by those with disabilities just as it can be accessed for those without disabilities. The experience may be a bit here and there but all users must be able to access all the information and perform tasks like buying or filling forms.

It is not mandatory for the general public to abide by these regulations. But, as a business, you can increase your potential client base by opening your website to the disabled section of the society – which is something your competitors might not be doing.

Also, there have been instances in the past where government agencies and even some private organizations, ranging from online retailers to auto repair shops, have faced legal trouble because of non-compliant websites. This outlines the risk that businesses face if they aren’t 508 compliant – both due to the legal system and the loss in potential customers.


We evaluate every single page of your website, ensuring that any person with a disability is able to access all the images, forms and information available on your website. Here’s a sneak-peak of our approach.


Good website design basically ensures that the layout of the website and navigation are easy to understand and follow. Under 508 compliance, we ensure that the design is screen-reader friendly, doesn’t limit accessibility with keyboard and is able to take disabled users to the main content.


We evaluate all information and images on your website, to ensure that all users can complete forms or buy from your website. All in all, we provide complete 508 compliance services that cover copywriting, web browser and forms testing, screen reader and keyboard accessibility and navigation optimization.



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